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Job Description


The application leader is responsible to work with customers closely for successful applying electrification products to customers’ applications. This position will be closely involved with certain level of software and hardware integration of key electrification components to customer’s electric vehicle applications, with the support from other engineering functions and from the manufacturer. This job also includes some pre-sales activities, to assist in formulating the product specification as per the customer's needs and manufacturer’s guidance, and accelerate the sales procedure accordingly.

Key responsibilities:

l                      Managing the company products and other details of sales and service requests for providing the same to the customers for technical support.

l                      Analyzing technological problems in installed application systems, checking its technical resolution and working condition, and fixing the same if required.

l                      Collaborating with sales team, engineers, and manufacturers for obtaining accurate information of application usage, system operations, and product management.

l                      Integrating key electrification components to customer’s applications and resolve issues related with software and hardware interface.

l                      Troubleshooting system applications on customer's request, resolving other engineering issues regarding systems application, conducting regular follow up on customer's activities, and monitoring the product operation for obtaining new sales opportunities.

l                      Support customer commissioning of systems including working with typical EV software (CANalyzer, dbc files, etc.), and customizing parameters to optimize component operation.

l                      Preparing relevant records, data, and documents for product presentations, conducting training sessions for demonstrating new products and services, and supporting the sales team in organizing the presentation and training of product demonstration.

l                      Evaluating the customer's requirement regarding systems application and administering the technical, technological, and functional aspects of proposals accordingly as instructed.

l                      Performing the desired tests and installation procedures, preparing detailed schedule regarding the project specification, conducting research on market trends in field application, and analyzing the emerging trends for recommending the new application engineering products.

l                      Participating in different seminars, conferences, and meetings for promoting the devised application engineering products.

Qualifications and Skills:

l                      For accomplishing this role successfully, one must have the required knowledge and expertise in the related field of vehicle electrification.

l                      Bachelor's degree in CS, EE or ME or other technology related field.

l                      The candidate needs to have a good technological base for effectively understanding the technical specifications involved in application engineering of electric vehicle components and systems.

l                      Candidate should have a good understanding of typical EV software and diagnostics such as CANalyzer

l                      Strong knowledge and proficiency in CAN 2B communications and OBD II.

l                      Experience in performing calibrations on electric and hybrid-electric vehicles

l                      Good troubleshooting skills for electrical and software issues

l                      Self motivated and highly organized

l                      Able to give technical presentations.

l                      Along with this, they must also have good interpersonal skills, strong oral and written communication skills, and good organizational skills for effectively communicating the technical specifications to the customers. 

l                      5 years EV working experience or related experience preferred.

l                      Mandarin speaking preferred.


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