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Job Title:        Senior Controls System Engineer

Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI) provides innovative electrification solutions for commercial vehicles including advanced Li-ion HV batteries, battery heating and cooling systems, electric air conditioning compressors, electric steering pumps, electric air compressors for braking, DC/DC converters, accessory inverters, and onboard AC and fast DC chargers. As our cornerstone, CSI is the authorized North American distributor of commercial vehicle batteries for the largest Li-ion battery designer and manufacturer of the world, CATL. CATL’s batteries currently power more than 150,000 buses and trucks in daily operation in demanding environments and terrain with some of the largest commercial fleets. Our goal is to enable the fast adoption of commercial electric vehicles operating on green and sustainable energy sources to help transform our Earth to a pollution-free planet.

In order to continue to provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly electrification solution products, our company needs the professional services of a Mechanical Engineer to develop production and engineering improvements, monitor our various manufacturing costs, analyze return on investments in engineering and manufacturing improvements, and advise our company on engineering management. The Mechanical Engineer will help support the design and development of our customized industrial display product solution packages by studying customers’ specifications and testing their feasibility.

Specifically, the Senior Controls System Engineer will be responsible for the following duties:

Mechanical Engineering and Design (70% of the time)

·       Develop plug and play systems architecture for CSI’s component suite with both manual and automatic modes;

·       Develop, implement, test, and validate the control algorithms for our component suite in accordance with applicable standards;

·       Perform HV/LV system integration and validation for MD/HD EV programs for Oshkosh & Autocar, PACCAR for Li-ion battery systems.

·       Integrate key electrification components to customers’ applications and resolve any system failure and malfunctions related with software and hardware interface with required automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) levels;

·       Drive diagnostics troubleshooting and failure analyses of installed application systems and battery equalization, discharge, and charge to design solutions and corrective actions;

Project Management and Engineering Support (20% of the time)

·       Collaborate with program management, vehicle integration, and controls teams across multiple time zones and locations to organize delivery of all deliverables;

·       Manage the technical interface of multiple HV/LV components and subsystems for successful integration with DFMEA;

·       Evaluate the customers’ requirements regarding our systems applications and design and develop the technical, technological, and functional aspects of the proposals;

·       Monitor workflow of technical personnel to ensure the project is progressing on time and within budget;

·       Analyze periodic variances in project proposals and project execution to identify their causes, focusing in particular on spending and development variances;

Other (10% of the time)

·       Research and review industry reports and competitor data to keep abreast of current industry developments affecting new application engineering products;

·       Attend seminars, conferences, and meetings to promote our products at various industry events;

·       Perform ad-hoc engineering projects as assigned;

Minimum Requirements:

·       Master’s degree in mechanical engineering;

·       2 years’ experience in mechanical engineering working on full-cycle development of vehicle systems and parts including on-vehicle testing, calibration development, and tuning;

·       Proficient in data analysis software (MATLAB and Minitab), Microsoft Excel, and programming languages (C++ or Python).

Apply to Coulomb Solutions Inc. c/o Lining Zhou, 235 Wright Brothers Ave., Livermore, CA 94551.


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